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Volunteer Appreciation

Thank you so much for the nice article and great pictures of the Wise Penny store in the February issue. We have received many positive compliments. Keep up the good work—you have a great magazine!


Wise Penny Volunteers

Red Wing, Minnesota


Response from Fans Near and Far

I wanted to thank you for the incredible job you did on my article (“Obsessed with the Sport”—August, 2019). I didn’t know what to expect and it was beyond my expectations. One person after another told me how much they enjoyed the story. My company sent to all 400 plus employees and to our major companies. I had tears of emotion the first time I read it, and whenever I am having a tough day I read it again.

I received the following email from a man who bought the baseball in the photo at an antique shop in upstate New York (which, because of my age, I understand). He spent months of research trying to figure out who had signed it. My first name was legible, but only the “B” and last letter “h of” my last name. He found that and my contact information and called me. 

I talked with him and his wife on speakerphone for almost an hour and had lots of laughs. He just loves baseball and is a big Mets fan. He asked if I was fast and about my career. I said I’d save him some time and forward the TODAY article. He said he would place the ball on his desk and the article on the wall above, even though I am not famous. 

Jay Bohmbach

Red Wing, Minnesota

Changing Ownership

I loved the article about Jeff Minske (“Small Fish in a Big Pond”—December, 2019). It was very good. Several people stopped in; one fellow from Illinois purchased a reel!


Mel Dicke [former owner of Mel’s Custom Rods]

Rochester, Minnesota 


The story was well received. However, I forgot to mention the most important person in my life, my wife Beverly. We just celebrated our thirtieth anniversary!

The magazine article helped announce the change of ownership of the store.


Jeff Minske [new owner of Minske Bait & Tackle Custom Rods]

Rochester, Minnesota 




Arts Alive has been an integral part of the Red Wing community for thirty years, offering unique opportunities for elementary students to develop and share their artistic talents in fifteen areas of the visual and performing arts. Join us as we take a walk down memory lane and look to the future! What could Arts Alive look like in years to come? Past participants, directors, mentors and all Arts Alive supporters are invited to join our celebration!

Donna Macaulay

Red Wing, Minnesota