From Clinic to Home

Both my husband and I have enjoyed reading your wonderful magazine at the Mayo Clinic waiting rooms.  We'd like to read it regularly in our home.  Enclosed is a check for our subscription!

Kathy Gustafson - Rochester, Minnesotabout you.​

An Appreciative Reader

It is nice to read all of the stories about people who live in the area.  I've "only" lived here for forty years!  I enjoy TODAY very much.  Thank you for a wonderful magazine.

Nancy Rosenwald - Welch, Minnesota


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Grandpa Did Well!

Thank you for including me in TODAY Magazine (“Outstanding Student Becomes Outstanding Education”—October, 2012).

I have received several comments through the mail and via phone from folks I met downtown and at school.  Several of my classmates disputed my being an “Outstanding Student”—rightfully so; however, with plenty of hard work I improved my student status and that has carried me throughout my career.  No harm done!

Again, I very much appreciate the article.  My children and grandchildren will enjoy reading the article about their grandpa.

Don Fox
Austin, Minnesota

The Best Reward

I want to thank you for the great article and photos in the June TODAY Magazine.  The story was done with great taste and detail.  I have had many people come into the dealership or stop me on the street to say how much they enjoyed it!

I’ve received nothing but wonderful comments from your readers (of which there are many).  They liked the family information plus the background of my younger days in the car business.  One customer said how terrific the article was and that TODAY is the only magazine or book he reads.
Since the magazine hit the stands, we have had people come into our dealership who we have never seen before.  I even had to autograph a few copies; that made me feel like a big shot!
I have been selling cars and trucks for many years and have received many rewards over that time, but the article is the highlight of my auto selling experience.  I don’t think anything will ever top this.  Thank you, again.

Tom Heffernan
Lake City, Minnesota

From the Heart

Thank you for the article you wrote about Wy and me ("Dreaming Big"--September, 2011).  You were very accurate in the depiction of our life and the dedication we have to preform.  It was a joy on our part to spend time visiting with Leon. 

Naomi Judd

Nashville, Tennessee


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