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Send us your thoughts on a recent article read in the TODAY Magazine.  We love hearing from our readers!

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A Note of Thanks

My wife and I enjoy the excellent TODAY Magazine, reading it from cover to cover each month. Especially noteworthy were all the May issue military articles. Most interesting were the stories about Ken Bremer and Chad Sheridan, great combat veterans. Both are members of our Red Wing Chapter of the Purple Heart.

Some current info about our Purple Heart Chapter: We have two active World War II veterans, two Korean vets in a rest home, seven active Vietnam veterans and four active veterans from the Iraq/Middle East conflict. We invite more Purple Heart recipients to join us.

Richard J. Johnson

Red Wing, Minnesota 


Reducing Waste

I’ve received many messages of solidarity in my creative campaign to shed light on the plastic packaging onslaught (“Making the Most of It”—May, 2021). All seem to agree that we can’t fix problems until we acknowledge them. This article provided an important awakening.

Dina Fesler

Dennison, Minnesota

Well-Received Article

Wow! What an honor to be featured on the cover of the June issue! The story was awesome (“Hanging Up His Belt”). We have received so many positive comments and well-wishes from all over. Our grandson even commented that he read the story and liked it. 

We are so pleased with the article and want to thank the staff at TODAY Magazine. It was a pleasure to work with you all. 

It’s amazing how the years have flown by, and the honor we’ve had with so many wonderful people and customers. It will be hard to give that up.

Steve and Jackie VanGuilder

Cannon Falls, Minnesota



Out of This World

I’d like the thank TODAY Magazine for sharing a story on the recent gift I received from my Uncle Doug Barrie, when he placed my uncle’s, my brother’s and my name aboard the Mars Perseverance Rover (“On a Mission”—April, 2021). I have been passionate about space exploration, having grown up in the 1960-70s, watching the Hubble Telescope unlock the mysteries of the Cosmos and seeing how NASA put humans on the moon and space stations in orbit. The magazine has helped share the way great science can touch our daily lives.

Pastor Nick Fisher-Broin

Cannon Falls, Minnesota

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