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to advertise


ad specifications:

1.  Please e-mail all ads to

2.   If your ad is already created, please email it as a pdf file. If you are unable to save it as a pdf, then save as a jpg or eps file.

3.  If we are creating an ad for you and you are sending us the photos, logos or any graphics, they must be a hi-res file (300 dpi).

ad sizes:


1/12*: 2.375" (W) x 2.375" (H)

*only for specials

1/6 V: 2.375" (W) x 4.875" (H)

1/4 V:  3.625" (W) x 4.875" (H)

1/2 V:  3.625" (W) x 10" (H)
1/2 H:  7.5" (W) x  4.875" (H)

Full Page:  7.5" (W) x 10" (H)


For further information, please call Meghann, Mackenzie or Paulette at 651-327-2440

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