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Dakota City Heritage Village, often referred to as Dakota City, is tucked into the Dakota County Fairgrounds in Farmington, Minnesota, away from the busy streets and neighborhoods of the growing suburb. The village takes visitors back in time to homes and businesses over one hundred years old that used to be located throughout the county. Lea Guenther, tour guide, volunteer and interpreter for Dakota City, explained the buildings that make up the village were donated from area families and business owners who did not want their piece of history demolished. “Moving buildings to this site helps bring the past to life for those who visit.” said Lea.  

Established in 1978, Dakota City was made to represent any small community throughout rural Minnesota in 1900. Throughout the year, tour guides dressed in era-appropriate attire walk guests back in time. 

Visiting Dakota City during the holidays is a special treat. In mid-October, volunteers begin decorating for the season, recreating an early 1900s theme, with a few added modern touches to enhance the experience for visitors. Christmas trees, sleigh rides, carols and beautiful lights will be seen throughout the village.

Traveling back in time, guests will encounter a quieter celebration from what we experience today. Horse-drawn trolleys travel through the snow; holiday crafts can be made in the schoolhouse. The church will feature festive music performed by school students and families and instrumental and choral groups. 

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